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The time has come to move on

Changes are coming

NCAA Football: Fresno State at Colorado State Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Well, it has come to this. After about nine years (wow!) of being the person in charge of Mountain West Connection my time is coming to an end.

For those interested how this site came to be go back and read a recent post about how I became a fan of this league, it is different than most.

There are a ton of people to thank for the chance to cover the league here. Two specific people I'd like to thank are Peter Bean who was overseeing the college side and the Texas site here on the network as he brough brought me on.

The other is the founder of SB Nation and now Vox Media in Tyler Bleszinski who let me have some leeway with other projects on SB Nation like starting a site dedicated to water polo.

One thing that makes this site great is all of the people who read the site and make fun of me for not being able to pronounce certain names on the podcast. Thanks for reading and listening.

Also, a huge reason this site did so well is all of the contributors who helped cover a specific team, podcast hosts and other areas within the league. I wrote about the league by myself for about two years and it was very difficult, so again I thank everyone who has ever written for this website.

I also really liked it when writers who started here went on to other newspaper, TV or media jobs. That was cool to see them achieve those career goals.

Working with the entire college network was a blast as well and everyone knows their stuff and I'd say are good, or better, than some who cover teams from a more traditional beat.

The time here has been a blast and that includes the comment and Twitter "fighting" that occured from time to time.

The last day for me is June 23 so you can't get rid of me just yet. I am not completely disappearing I'll be covering the Mountain West on a different outlet. Believe me when I say it was very difficult to decide to leave SB Nation, because it truly is awesome.

Make sure follow me on Twitter @JeremyMauss in the near future to see what I am up to next.

I'll close like I do for the podcast by saying, "yes, I am biased against your team."