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UNLV reveals new logo

I mean “spirit mark.”

NCAA Football: UNLV at Wyoming Troy Babbitt-USA TODAY Sports

The UNLV Rebels stole headlines away from the sports universe on Wednesday, revealing a slick new logo to display during their 2017 run towards a bowl game.

It’s certainly more modern. This is pretty sweet. Do I like it? I think I like it. UNLV’s old logo was pretty cool too, though.

Something I learned today is that the word logo is inaccurate, or at least dated. Evidently, this new thing from design firm Adrenalin is called a “spirit mark.” UNLV president Len Jessup has more.

“We have incredible momentum on campus and this strong, modern mark highlights our evolution while also maintaining its tie to our rich tradition in athletics,” said UNLV President Len Jessup. “It also reflects a sense of place, highlighting features of Southern Nevada and capturing the pride we have in our community with a nod to the rebellious spirit of our region and university.”

This is something you absolutely have to have a definitive position on. I’d like to know what you think. New Reb or Old Reb? I hear ya, it doesn’t really matter as long as Armani Rogers works out, right?