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A fan’s farewell

It can be difficult to move on, but now’s my time. Thank you to everyone.

Four years, one month and sixteen days. I wish I could remember how I found Mountain West Connection, but it’s a remarkable thing to have a reader’s trust for that length of time, a remarkable thing to have a platform and the freedom to establish your own voice.

I haven’t been here nearly as long as Jeremy has, but I can tell you that, without a doubt, writing about and talking about and thinking about the Mountain West Conference for this site, divining ways to raise the discourse around the teams that we love, has been one of the most satisfying things that I’ve ever done. Even if people haven’t always been happy with the things that I’ve said or written, whether about my own Fresno State Bulldogs or other teams, I admire the passion of the readership here and I always will.

I want to give thanks to all of the other college blogs who’ve been generous with their time when we’ve crossed paths, to anyone who’s ever listened to the podcast, and to anyone who’s ever commented on my work. It’s been a fascinating ride for me, especially, as a Fresno State enthusiast, from the heights of 2013 to the depths of last fall. Who knows what I’ll get to bear witness (or get salty about) to next.

Now, though, it’s onto the next challenges. I have a MFA thesis to finish, then a real job to find after that. I have a new venture to spearhead with Jeremy and Eli and, well, many other enthusiastic Mountain West writers. It’s going to be pretty fun. You can always follow me on Twitter, too, to see what’s happening in the Central Valley on and off the sports writing beat.

I hope to always be a writer, perhaps in the tradition of a Hunter S. Thompson or a David Halberstam, and I hope you’ll always be a reader.