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Some Juniors Have Signed Pro Contracts

New Mexico’s Carl Stajduhar is the biggest name to sign
New Mexico Athletics

The Waiting Game Continues

As you can see below, a few have signed with New Mexico having lost the most at this point. Fresno has lost one still eligible to play to the pro life. Remember, I didn’t include seniors as they were gone anyway.

New Mexico (four draftees)

Luis Gonzalez (JR)

Tyler Stevens (JR) - SIGNED

Carl Stajduhar (JR) - SIGNED

San Diego State (five draftees)

Alan Trejo (JR) - SIGNED

Tyler Adkison (JR)

Fresno State (eight draftees)

Ricky Tyler Thomas (JR)

Aaron Arruda (JR) - SIGNED

Jared Akins (JR) - The draft list I checked has him as Adkins

Fred Schlichtholz (JR)

Rickey Ramirez (JR)

Nevada (two draftees)

Jordan Pearce (JR)

San Jose State (two drafted)

Josh Nashed (JR)

Matt Brown (JR)

UNLV (three drafted)

Payton Squier (JR) - SIGNED

Ernie De La Trinidad (RS SO) - SIGNED