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Boise State QB Brett Rypien twerks



College football news is dry this time of year, and we mean dry in actual news and not super early bowl projections or countdowns. Yes, those are fun but news on anything is pretty slim in June.

Boise State did release a new uniform look recently and that counts, but we now have some amazing news from that release (we assume since the timeline of the tweets were around the same time)

Well, this happened when Boise State quarterback Brett Rypien modeled the new look, and he had a lot of fun with this.


Yes, that is Rypien twerking near the end of the video.

If you want just that part, here you go.

This brings up two very important questions.

  1. Why?
  2. Why not?

There is really no wrong answer as to why do this and the biggest reason is to have fun with at this event and who cares what people think of you doing some sort of dance.

We also have Boise State wide receiver Cedrick Wilson doing this.

After taking some time to think of what these two were doing and then it hit me. They are wanting to have their own victory dance against the Wyoming Cowboys to counter the safety dance.

Please forgive us as it is Friday and in June.