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Rounds 11 Through 40 Yield Some MWC Gems

OK, I’m being a bit biased here as this is San Jose State’s Matt Brown.
Terrell Lloyd

The Best of the Rest

Well, a few surprises here. A few that didn’t get drafted and a few that did. Scouts see different things than do the fans. Anyway here they are and now, who signs and who returns for another year of seasoning? That’s stuff for a future post.

Aaron Arruda, 1B, Fresno State

12th round with the 351st pick by the Athletics.

Good power hitter. Dingers always wanted.

Jared Adkins, OF, Fresno State

13th round with the 376th pick by the Twins.

Fred Schlichtholz, LHP, Fresno State

13th round with the 378th pick by the Padres

Rickey Ramirez, RHP, Fresno State

15th round with the 436th pick by the Twins

Payton Squier, OF, UNLV

16th round with the 471st pick by the Athletics

Alan Trejo, SS, SDSU

16thth round with the 476th pick by the Rockies

Tyler Stevens, RHP, New Mexico

18th round with the 535th pick by the Angels

Carl Stajduhar, 3B, New Mexico

18th round with the 547th pick by the Mets

One of my favorites and surprised he went so low. He has a decision to make as he’s a junior.

Ernie De La Trinidad, OF, UNLV

19th round with the 562nd pick by the Diamondbacks

Josh Nashed, RHP, San Jose State

19th round with the 582nd pick by the Indians

Never showed me a lot but had some flashes which the scouts figured was worth a shot.

Jordan Pearce, 3B, Nevada

21st round with the 635th pick by the Tigers

Matt Brown, RHP, San Jose State

27th round with the 816th pick by the Giants

I’d heard that he was probably going to sign and, who wouldn’t, as he was drafted by the home town team and the Spartans play in the San Jose Giants park. Doesn’t have far to go if they send him to high A. Unimpressive numbers on an unimpressive team but the opposition BA was .227 which ain’t bad.

Justin Bridgman, SS, Nevada

28th round with the 829th pick by the Rays

CJ Saylor, RHP, SDSU

28th round with the 844th pick by the Cardinals

A surprise to me being so low but he’s a senior. He might have gone higher as a junior.

Ryan Dobson, OF, Fresno State

30th round with the 892nd pick by the Diamondbacks

Austin Guibor, OF, Fresno State

30th round with the 913th pick by the Nationals

Jesse Medrano, 3B, Fresno State

31st round with the 928th pick by the Pirates

Tyler Adkison, OF, San Diego State

32nd round with the 970th pick by the Dodgers.

I thought he’d go a bit higher with his power.

Justin Jones, 2B, UNLV

34th round with the 1011th pick by the Athletics

Marcus Reyes, LHP, San Diego State

38th round with the 1149th pick by the Blue Jays

Wow, forty rounds and my eyes glaze over after the first ten. Here are what I consider surprises. First up has to be the shear number from Fresno State. I know Bulldog fans will have comments about that and I don’t want to get into it. San Diego State’s going so low. Same with New Mexico’s Carl Stajduhar. I feel he’s a stud and should thumb his nose at the draft and come back next year and kill MWC pitching. Maybe it was his fielding.

Anyway, enough comments. Now the coaches have to worry about who’s coming back. Of course, drafted seniors are gone in any event. It’s the juniors that worry them the most. I have always felt that a junior should go in the top ten rounds because the money is so good. The lower rounds? Not so much. On the other hand juniors in the lower rounds have a tough decision; can they improve their stats for their senior year that they get a substantially higher pick slot? Good if they do but they no longer have the leverage that another year of college ball to use. Anyway, it’s a tough decision and just the allure of pro ball is enough to sway them. Then there is the living in busses.