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MWC Has Four Players Drafted in Ten Rounds

New Mexico’s Jack Zoellner drafted in 9th round
New Mexico Athletics

The Mountain West Through Ten Rounds of the MLB 2017 Draft

Underwhelming, to say the least. Out of the hundreds of college and high school players drafted, only four came out of the MWC. That ain’t good. We’re talking a little over 300 players. Two pitchers and two position players. Sigh. Let’s see who the final two that were taken yesterday (Tuesday).

Jack Zoellner

New Mexico’s first baseman is a good left-handed hitter and was taken by the Phillies with the the 263rd pick in the 9th round.

Brett Seeburger

San Diego State’s ace was taken by the Cardinals with the 304th pick in the 10th round.

For those of us who felt that the MWC wasn’t much of a force in national, let alone western, college baseball, this is strong evidence why. The talent level in the conference is slim. I’m a little surprised that a few players didn’t get chosen and you can look at a past but recent post to see who I’m talking about. To tell you the truth, any juniors taken from now on should stay in school. I’ve been to minor league games and they’re fun. However, the life of a minor leaguer is not glamorous. Think bus as a way of life for four or more years. Easy for me to say; old fat guy (well, not so fat) sitting at the keyboard cranking out this tripe with my wife wondering when I’m going to vacuum the house and the dog wondering when that promised walk is going to happen. Then there are the weeds. Oh, the weeds. You know, playing baseball and getting paid for it in the low minors doesn’t sound so bad after all.