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Hawaii football recruiting: Warriors offer Titan Lacaden who is in fifth grade

The Warriors possibly set a record by offering a pre-teen to an FBS offer.

The college football recruiting game is year round and coaches scour everywhere to find the latest hidden game, and part of that is to go younger and younger for offers.

An eighth grader getting an offer nowadays is not too much out of the norm, but Nick Rolovich and his Hawaii staff just jumped the shark by offering Titan Lacaden who is a fifth-grader.

Let me repeat, a fifth-grader. That means he is just 10 or 11 years old, and would be part of the 2025 class.

Everyone thought Lane Kiffin was nut for offering quarterback Pierce Clarkson who is in the high school Class of 2023 and is heading into the seventh grade.

Lacaden does have football in his family as he is the younger brother of Jakey Lac who played at Nevada also sent out a tweet touting the offer.

Does this kid who is not yet even in middle school know what a scholarship offer really is? Probably not but I am sure he liked the attention he received.

Odds are he will not play at Hawaii and going one step further will he even play football beyond high school?

The obvious reason Hawaii and coach Rolovich made this offer was to have stories exactly like this to get his program out there and create some buzz. To that, I say good on you coach Rolovich for getting the Warriors name out there in the middle of June.

Of course there is a Hudl page for the young Lacaden.