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American Athletic Conference is branding itself as the sixth power league

Get caught up with the latest news from around the Mountain West.

Get caught up with all of the news from the Mountain West you may have missed.

There is a new addition to the Daily Hike and that will be an audio version via our podcast feed of these news pieces and some additional commentary. The goal is to make this a quick listen around 15 minutes of the news from the past day, or so, and may include some other news not in this piece.

The American Athletic Conference is branding itself as #AmericanPow6r. While not likely to happen at least they have a plan which is something the Mountain West has not said, at least not publicly.

More info on the decision about not allowing Air Force cadets able to pursue a pro contract after graduation.

Here is another release from the school. Guess day of the draft is considered enough time to give teams warning?

“As released earlier today, the Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD) has rescinded the policy to allow cadet-athletes to apply for Ready Reserve status immediately after graduation to participate in professional activities/sports. The Air Force Academy released a statement from the Air Force prior to the NFL draft this week so NFL teams would be aware that the service would no longer support these requests and they could conduct their business in good faith, as Air Force Academy cadet Jalen Robinette was the lone NFL Draft prospect from any of the academies.

“With the release of the new OSD policy which reverts back to all service academy graduates and ROTC members serving two years on active duty, all three service academies are under the same guidance moving forward. Air Force Academy cadets Jalen Robinette and Griffin Jax look forward to graduation and commissioning in May. Their conduct exemplifies the character and dignity one would expect from a soon-to-be Air Force second lieutenant. Both of these cadets remain in excellent standing at the Academy and should have an opportunity to pursue their professional athletic goals after serving two years as officers in the Air Force should they choose.”

Some early top-25 post spring rankings features Boise State at No. 24 from ESPN’s Mark Schlabach and 19 in from CBS Sports’ Dennis Dodd.