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2017 Mountain West baseball results

Day 1 of Mountain West play.

San Diego State 18 - Fresno State 10

Sorry I'm a bit late as I'm in the mountains of California. Anyway, here I am. Wow, what a surprise and I have egg on my face. Fresno State's ace, Ricky Tyler Thomas doesn't get out of the first inning. In fact, he doesn't get an out. Can I say WTF? Ten runs and all earned. That can put a team in a hell of a fix and it did.

The Bulldogs tried to make a game of it by hitting five dingers but still lost 18-10. Good ol' New Mexico. But, five homers and still lose? A total of eight home runs were hit off a multitude of pitchers two of which (Thomas and Dominic Purpura) are two of the best in the Mountain West. My player of the game is Jorge Fernandez who pitched 2 1/3 innings at the end of the game for San Diego State and didn't give up any runs. Well, done, dude. The Aztecs move on to the winners bracket to play the winner of game two which is, well, read on.

New Mexico 7 - Nevada 2

Another wow for this game as we have a good pitching performance to talk about. Tyler Stevens pitches an ace of a game in going nine innings for a complete game win. That's pretty rare and damned good. He gave up two runs and a home run to Mike Echavia but that was all they could muster against Stevens. Player of the game is Stevens, right?