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What college football coach do you not want to fight?

Get caught up with all of the news from the Mountain West you may have missed.

NCAA Football: Boise State at Air Force Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

Get caught up with all of the news from the Mountain West you may have missed.

There is a new addition to the Daily Hike and that will be an audio version via our podcast feed of these news pieces and some additional commentary. Today’s audio version is our 2017 Boise State preview.

11 college football coaches you shouldn’t fight -
Find out who the Mountain West selection is?

How I became a fan of the Mountain West - Mountain West Connection
Why our tagline is "we are biased against your team."

Why I'm a fan of the CSU Rams - Mountain West Connection
How a Maryland fan became a Colorado State fan.

San Diego State basketball summer recruiting guide - Mountain West Connection
2018 Recruiting is in full swing. Here are some targets the Aztecs will be looking at.

MW Announces 2017 All-Conference Baseball Team and Individual Awards |
The Mountain West baseball coaches picked the all-league team heading into the tournament.

How NFL coaches, GM's have defined Colin Kaepernick - ESPN
Conversations with 21 executives and coaches over a four-year period reveal a confounding truth: Even as Colin Kaepernick was taking the league by storm, NFL decision-makers struggled to define him. "There is something missing there," one coach said.

The 17 most irreplaceable players in college football for the 2017 season -
These are the players who college football coaches simply can't live without, find out what Mountain West player is on the list.

Documents: SDSU's SoccerCity arguments don't always add up | The San Diego Union-Tribune
San Diego State has not really engaged in conversations about the reality of SoccerCity. This thing is a mess.

Colorado State's winning percentage in revenue sports among best in nation - Denver Post
When it comes to football, volleyball and men's and women's basketball, Colorado State's programs are consistently topping the competition.

Air Force WR Jalen Robinette does not graduate as Academy reviews qualifications – The Denver Post
On the first day of the NFL draft, Jalen Robinette learned his hope of going pro immediately had vanished. Now, his hope of graduating from the Air Force Academy and commissioning is in limbo, too.