Why I'm a fan of the CSU Rams

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

I was born in Maryland, so as a toddler I was a Terps fan. Moving out to Colorado with my mom and stepdad when I was 5, we had to make a decision on which school to root for CU or CSU.

Well this was during the Gary Barnett era of CU and most of the Denver fawned over CU, with little to no love for CSU (They still do, to some extent). My parents decided to root for CSU because CU was being shoved down our throats. Going to games at Hughes Stadium when I was younger, I remember Bradlee Van Pelt flying around the field.

The head spike is still one of my favorite plays of all time.

Just watching his energy on the field confirmed my admiration for the Rams. At the end of Sonny Lubick's run as head coach and the Steve Farichild era were difficult times, but I held fast in my belief in the Rams. Jim McElwain brought excitement back to the Ram brand and Coach Bobo is continuing that. Going to college at CSU and experiencing the atmosphere from low to high was an experience in and of itself.

Working with coach McElwain's staff to improve the team was a valuable experience and I will always admire a coaching staff and the work they do.The Rams will forever remain a team I root for through thick and thin. And that is one of the reasons I chose to be a CSU contributor for MWCConnection, because of my diehard love of CSU.