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PODCAST: Closer look at Mountain West TV schedule, over/unders, burrito talk

As we make our way through the off-season, we discuss the national TV schedule

In our latest off-season show Jeremy and Matt discuss the release of national games by the Mountain West and discuss who will appear on an ESPN channel and CBS Sports Network and a change to the TV bonus structure this upcoming season. We create some over/unders to guess win totals and other random interesting tidbits for the upcoming season.

As it has been the norm of late we spend the first bit talking about food, and of course it circles back to Bacon vs. Tacos.

If you want to skip to the football talk it begins around the 14 minute mark.

You can find the Mountain West Connection podcast below or subscribe to the show via Blog Talk Radio, Stitcher Radio, YouTube and of course iTunes. Listen in, then rate it and let us know what you think!