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San Diego State basketball: Adam Seiko’s defensive game fits in with the Aztecs

Get to know the 2017 guard out of Sierra Canyon high school.

Adam Seiko is combo guard out of the 2017 class and is from Sierra Canyon High School in Chatsworth, California, and he could be a sleeper for the San Diego State basketball program.

Sierra Canyon is a consistent national powerhouse every year and they finished the season an impressive 27-3, 7-0 and ranked fifth in California and 15th in the country.

While he is not prominently featured on any of the national recruiting websites — he is rated as a two-star prospect — SDSU has never cared about how many stars a recruit has had, and that philosophy has taken them to two Sweet 16 berths and a NIT semifinal appearance since 2010.

I caught up with the future Aztec to talk to him about his high school career, future at SDSU and his personal life.

How would you describe your relationship with head coach Ty Nichols?

Coach Ty has helped me become a better man and he’s always been there for me when I needed him most.

Where do you think you have improved the most as a player this past season? These past four years?

I’ve really grown in terms of my maturity level. I learned to not take any moment on the court for granted. These past four years, I have really grown as a leader. I’ve learned to lead both vocally and by example.

What do you feel is your greatest strength at this point? Greatest weakness?

Defense is definitely my greatest strength right now and offensively, I can cause a lot of matchup problems. However, I feel like I can improve upon everything I do.

What was your most memorable game? The best tournament you have played in up till this point?

Probably when we beat Mater Dei on a buzzer beater going into my freshman year. That Mater Dei team had (UA alum and current Detroit Piston) Stanley Johnson on it. Best tournament was the Bass Pro Sports tournament in Missouri.

What initially got you interested in SDSU?

What initially got me interested in SDSU was the family atmosphere I saw when they played. The heart and passion all the guys play with on the floor, I could see that from afar and wanted to be part of the winning.

What other teams were recruiting you?

Rutgers, Butler, Utah, Virginia, UCSB, Long Beach State and others

What was your reaction when Steve Fisher retired? Any thoughts on Coach Dutcher?

I wasn’t really surprised when he retired. I knew he was getting older and the time just came for him to retire and spend more time with his family. I still love the relationships I’ve built with him and the staff. Coach Dutcher is great, he’s been with Coach Fish since the Fab Five days. I trust his coaching and game planning ability and I’ll do whatever it takes for us to win games.

Are you close with Jordan Schakel?

Not too close with J Schak yet, but we have a relationship. We’re friends right now, the more we see each other, the closer we will get. I’m excited for him to be coming down there with me.

What are your goals for this upcoming season?

I want to win the MWC championship and make it to the Big Dance. I’d like to be bother the freshman and defensive player of the year, in addition to making one of the three all-conference teams.

What do you want your legacy at SDSU to be?

I want to be the best players to ever come out of the Mountain West, not just SDSU. I want to go to the Final Four and hopefully win a national championship. I want to be seen as a leader that people can come to when they need help or advice. I’m confident in my abilities and plan on being the greatest player this conference has ever seen.

Favorite Artist? Favorite Song?

Kendrick Lamar, Hey Mama by Kanye West

Go to meal?

Grilled Chicken Sandwich

Favorite shoes?

Kyrie 2’s

Any siblings?

Three siblings-two little sisters, one little brother

If you could change one thing about the world, what would you change?

The whole world would not have any war right now.

If you could travel anywhere right now, where would you go?

Santorini, Greece

Check out his highlights