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A Few Freshman Shine in MWC Baseball

Kellen Straham has been the biggest surprise for the Spartans
SJSU Athletics

Frosh of Note in the Mountain West

Ok, so I’m being a little biased here. I’ve used the Spartans Kellen Straham as my poster boy for frosh in the MWC. By all rights it shoulda, coulda been UNLV’s Bryson Stott. Again, bias. Then again, how often have you seen a San Jose State player leading off any of my articles? It’s tough to do when the team has been so poor the last few years. I suspect the Spartans could be the story of the Mountain West. We’ll have to see how they hold up against the class of the conference. . . . starting this weekend. Did you notice that three of these players are catchers?

New Mexico

Justin Slaten, RHP. 1-0 and 1.17. He's only pitched 7 2/3 innings but had a notable outing at Air Force. The game ended up 24-16 but he pitched 4 2/3 innings giving up only one run and I'd call that notable. If he keeps it up, he certainly will get substantial time on the bump.

Robby Campillo, C. Robby's hitting .389 in 18 ABs and has 3 doubles as part of his five hits. According to his coach he is very good behind the plate.

San Jose State

Kellen Straham, OF. Kellen is leading the team at a more than respectable .359 in full time duty (39 ABs). For the Spartans to accomplish anything this year, the team will have to get help from new guys such as Kellen.

Fresno State

Carter Bins, C. He's hitting .316 in 19 ABs.

Davis Moore, RHP. Davis is playing a substantial role as he's had three starts. That alone is impressive. He's 1-0 and 2.53 in 10 2/3 IP. Cutting down on walks will be a priority for him.


Bryson Stott, INF. Home town boy makes good. That's how his bio should read. He's leading the team in hitting at .426 in 54 ABs which is full time duty.


Marco Valenzuela, C. Hitting .353 in part time duty (17 ABs).