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Mountain West Baseball Not Well Regarded

More disrespect for Mountain West.

Will the Aztecs’ Brett Seeburger help SDSU into the post season?
Derrick Tuskan

Mountain West Baseball and RPI

In two words? Not good.

Here are the numbers and I got ‘em here:

New Mexico - 29

SDSU - 80

Fresno State - 138

UNLV - 190

SJSU - 195

Nevada - 203

Air Force - 238

Are there any anxious whines or gasps coming from surprised fans? No? I didn’t think so. For those of you who follow there is no surprise as to why the MWC is a one bid conference following close on the heels of basketball. I was a bit surprised as how badly the Mountain West showed up as a basketball conference.

I think I had figured baseball to be down also as I had it a bit pitching poor. You saw the scores over the weekend. Is it any surprise that the Lobos are on top? They come armed with clubs and don’t finesse you into submission.

San Diego State is a bit of a surprise but they had a good recruiting crop and were bringing back a few good players. I thought Fresno State would be stronger and, then there’s the rest. San Jose State is the only real surprise even after getting jobbed in Hawaii. Air Force just can’t get any pitching. Therefore, one bid it is but the end is not near. Shall I go into the MWC’s record in OOC games? That about covers it.