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2017 NCAA Tournament: How to pronounce Nevada

Nevada takes on Iowa State in Milwaukee, but there seems to be confusion on how to say Nevada.

Congrats to the Nevada Wolf Pack for earning a 12 seed in the Midwest region against No. 5 seed, and Big 12 tournament champ, Iowa State. Before we break down this game there are other pressing issues about this matchup.

It is all about how to say Nevada; yes, this is an important issue. It started with this tweet.

For those out in Ames, Iowa, and Iowa State fans everywhere here are a few tips on how to pronounce Nevada.

In the news those on the East Coast for some reason have issues by saying Nevada the correct way.

However, there is a defense for why people in Iowa pronounce Nevada differently. There is a town in Iowa called Nevada.

The state of Nevada was named using the Spanish word, loosely translated, ‘snow-capped’, but they pronounce it ‘Nev-ADD-uh’. In Story County Iowa’s Nevada, there are no snow-capped mountains, but we pronounce it ‘Nev-AH-da’ which is much closer to the proper way to say it. Looks like we got that one right.

As for the game itself it tips off Thursday in Milwaukee. TV and tip time is still TBD.