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Kid grabs ball off backboard, subsequently saves Mountain West basketball forever

An American hero was born during Tuesday night’s Fresno State-Boise State game.

It hasn’t been a great year for Mountain West basketball.

But thankfully, MWC fans shared a moment of rejoice as a young Boise State fan recovered a basketball that had been stuck behind the backboard.

Boise State forward Justinian Jessup had deflected an interior pass that somehow got pinned underneath the shot clock.

Fresno State forward Paul Watson tried poking the ball out with the floor mop, but it was no to avail. Other FSU players attempted to launch other basketballs behind the basket to dislodge the perfectly stuck ball, but that didn’t work either.

Watch the full 127-second video of greatness below:

An effortless high five, a cool demeanor, and a legend in the making.

Someone give that kid a uniform. He’s already a Mountain West icon.

UPDATE (9:57pm Pacific):

The legend from tonight’s game is Hunter Hales, who made a formal yet somewhat indecisive commitment to Boise State in his interview tonight with CBS Sports Network. Feel free to check it out below: