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Weather Big Player this Weekend in MWC Baseball

Current POW Jack Zoellner leads Lobos against Dallas Baptist
New Mexico Athletics

Week Two Could Have Some Rain Outs for the MWC

Well, it was a mixed bag for the MWC last weekend. New Mexico showed they can still hit. Let’s see, they must have about 30 home runs right now, right? No, but Jack Zoellner hit three in game one. Fresno State lost two of three with Oregon and I’m surprised they got those games in. California is getting hammered by rain and snow as most of us know so games played in the Sunshine State may or may not be played. Rickey Tyler Thomas showed the Ducks he’s the real deal by going six strong innings getting nine strikeouts and no walks. Not bad. The SDSU Aztecs were able to get their three games in with Pacific and also one each with Irvine and Fullerton. They finished the week 3-2 with a win over a rated Fullerton being the big one. The SJSU Spartans got in two games with UCLA and made the first one close losing in extras 3-2 (don’t walk the leadoff batter in extras; rule number one) but getting swamped 10-1 in the second game. I don’t know what all that says. It is so early yet. Nevada went 1-2 at Sam Houston State and lost to Baylor also for a non-productive four games. Air Force? They split with Tulane, won a single with Army and lost at LSU. UNLV went 2-2 at home agains Omaha and Davis. What does this say about the MWC and baseball? The MWC has a ways to go. So, let’s look at what’s coming up this weekend.

Fullerton (2-2 and #7) at UNLV (2-2)

The Titans are still trying to figure things out and you know they will; they always do. They are hitting .213 and the pitching is equal to that at 2.13. How often will you see that? The weekend rotation is in good hands with Connor Seabold (1-0 and 0.00), Colton Eastman (0-0 and 1.29), and John Gavin (1-0 and 1.50). John Gavin, huh. Remember the actor of the same name? Am I giving away my age? Anyway, that just tells me that the Rebels better bring their hitting shoes as starting pitching is in good shape. The Titans also have three .300 hitters but no one else has figured out which end of the bat to grab. I’d like to see the Rebs make a good showing.

Air Force (2-2) at Navy (1-2 in Kinston, NC)

The Middies aren’t hitting much at .237 and the pitching is running on a low battery at 5.70. One good starter in Noah Song (0-0 and 3.00) but the rest aren’t doing their part. Four good hitters at this point but an 0 for 3 can set that back a lot but so can a 3 for 3. Should be a good competitive three games between two academies.

New Mexico (3-0) at Dallas Baptist (3-1)

This is probably the center court match for the MWC. Dallas Baptist is just coming off a good win against Rice (always good) and taking two of three from Louisiana Monroe, which is a decent team. The Patriots have four .300 hitters and two good starters in the rotation in Ray Gaither (1-0 and 0.00) and Trevor Conn (1-0 and 0.00). The team ERA is a great 2.50 so this should be a good matchup for both teams.

Virginia Tech (4-0) at Nevada (1-3)

The Hokies are on a bit of roll but I don’t know anything about their competition (USC Upstate and Marshall). Weather may play a role in these game. The Hokies have shown they can hit (.329) and pitch (1.00) but, again, the competition. Nevada should be ready for them as long as it doesn’t snow.

UC Riverside (2-1) at Fresno State (1-2)

Riverside took on Nebraska this past weekend and took one of two. Snow belt teams; God love ‘em. They then beat UCLA 3-2 which had taken out SJSU this past weekend. This could be a good series but, again, the weather. I mean SJSU had to move their games to Stockton. We’ll see. Uh, guys, the stats say softball but I think that’s wrong as the names are all guys. I know things can get weird on the left coast but not that weird. Anyway, they ain’t hitting (.192) but the pitching is fine (3.00). They have one good starter in Angel Landazuri (0-0 and 1.50) but the team can pitch. Hitting? Let’s wait a bit.

Tennessee (3-1), Seton Hall (2-2), and Notre Dame (1-3) at SDSU (3-2)

The Vols have been pretty good the last few years and they started out on the road. This is an SEC team we’re talking about; on the road even if it is to Memphis. No matter. They took two of thee there and then on to LMU where they won there also. One of the few times I’ll give a shout out rather than at for an SEC team. Then again, their coach has California ties. They are hitting a bit at .294 and pitching is ok so far at 2.83. They have three pretty fair arms for the weekend so this should be good.

The Pirates split a four game series with Michigan in Florida so at least the weather was spring training in quality, I’ll bet. They’re doing it with hitting (.305) rather than pitching right now (6.48). This should show if the hitting is that good or if the pitching is that bad.

The win-loss record pretty much says how the season has gone so far for the Irish. Not hitting nor are they pitching well.

All of the above is hypothetical as the weather has caused some juggling in scheduling in San Diego. No surprise and maybe none will get played. Watch those videos of Oroville Dam not too far from Sacramento, folks. Pretty creepy.

BYU (1-2) and Northern Colorado (2-3) at SJSU (0-2 and moved to Stockton, CA)

The Cougars have won against the Curacao National Team (you read that right) and Kennesaw State. Losses have been to Georgia Tech (#21) and Georgia State. They’ve been on the road. The hitting (.269) and pitching (3.38) have been ok with the pitching leading the way. Two starters are doing well.

The Bears have started the season in San Francisco and I’m surprised any of those games were played. This team has struggled in the past but last year they were middle of the pack in the WAC which is a big move up for them. Hitting is poor so far at .220 and pitching is sub-par at 5.91. Expect more rain.

OK, it’s early and weather is playing a big part in the west. Snow in the Sierra and rain throughout the west coast. Keep an eye on the sky for the western games. Another thing to remember is that pitching is usually ahead of hitting early on. Tell that to New Mexico.