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UNLV Football Recruiting: Rebels land WR Drew Tejcham

‘Explosive’ they say.

Well, UNLV Rebels head football coach Tony Sanchez got some good news last week. His contract was extended through 2021 after going 3-8 in 2015 and 4-7 last season.

There’s also been some less than good news. Sanchez’s 2017 recruiting class is a little light. Last season, the Rebels had the number 3 class in the Mountain West Conference according to 247Sports. This season, they rank UNLV’s group at 10th in the MWC, and 116th nationally.

That may not get the UNLV faithful excited, but here’s a name that should. Drew Tejcham.

Tejcham had offers from nineteen other schools, including East Carolina. The 6’0”, 190 lbs wide receiver from North Cobb, GA is following new running backs coach DeAndre Smith to southern Nevada. Smith previously worked at Purdue, and tried to recruit Tejcham to West Lafayette.

Tejcham is an explosive talent, as any wide receiver playing Divison 1 college ball must be in 2017. He’d like to return punts while with the Rebels, and he’s likely to get that shot. This addition to Tony Sanchez’s squad makes the loss of Jaelon Darden, a 3-star WR who decommitted last month, a little more palatable.

Check out Tejcham’s work last season, courtesy of hudl. The kid can play some defense too:

If there’s one thing that UNLV football has done right in the past, it’s wide receivers. Pairing this guy with Armani Rogers? Let’s keep the expectations realistic but it could make UNLV Rebels football infinitely more watchable for awhile.