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Mountaintop View 12-7

Here are some mid-week links to fill the football-less void.

NCAA Football: Georgia State at Air Force Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

The end of football season is always bittersweet. For some teams, it’s a stumble to the finish line. For others, they are moving on to bowl games. While recruiting is exciting, the thought of the LONG offseason also looms near. That being said, enjoy some reading in your week of post-championship/pre-bowl limbo.

What’s this time of year without some coaching rumors?

Yes, the price of success in the world of a Group of 5 team is that your coach is always mentioned for rumors. Don’t worry, Tedford is just a mention, but it won’t stop fans hearts from skipping a beat whenever an opening comes up.

Speaking of coaching rumors, how about this one?

This article mentions both Harsin and Tedford, along with 4 others as coaches who should be candidates. I know, it’s a slow news week, right?

Power 5 vs Group of 5 pay pools

This is a nice article which details the ever-widening gap between the two parts of the FBS College Football. While some G5 teams can fork over descent money for the head coach, keeping the pay of their assistant competitive is much harder. Boise State checks in 4th in the G5 for assistant pay. Colorado State, SDSU and Boise State boast the 3 highest paid assistants in the conference. Arguably the most important piece of information in this is that the AAC conference seems more committed to paying to keep up with the Joneses of the P5 than the MWC is at this point.

Wolfpack drop are game, but are still the team to beat in the MWC until further notice.

Of course they did after we highlighted an article of the possibility of them going undefeated. Fortunately, this isn’t college football, where one loss can break a season. They will regroup and be ready to go for conference play, where they have a good shot to win the regular season conference title.