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MWC Coaching Vacancies

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The Mountain West isn’t safe from the coaching carousel.

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The Mountain West Conference was able to avoid head coaches going to bigger pastures this year, with Bryan Harsin and Jeff Tedford the only names even mentioned in the rumor mill (with neither believed to be seriously considering any other jobs this time around). However, now that games have and continue to end, there will now be an increase in assistants moving to other schools. Many of these moves will either be for more money or a promotion (taking the same position at a Power 5 school or a position coach becoming a coordinator/coordinator becoming a head coach).

That all being said, here is the latest news around the Mountain West Conference. Expect this list to grow and change over the coming weeks, especially as staff will be able to hire a 10th assistant in the coming days/weeks:


  • San Jose State OC/TE coach Andrew Sowder will become the OC at Kent State
  • San Jose State DB coach Will Harris will become a coach at University or Washington
  • San Diego State DC/Secondary coach Danny Gonzales will become the DC at Arizona State
  • San Diego State Recruiting Coordinator Tony White is taking a position at Arizona State
  • San Diego State QB coach is the new OC at New Mexico
  • Sand Diego State ST coach Bobby Hauck was named the Head Coach at Montana
  • Hawaii OL coach Chris Naeole resigned in October.
  • Hawaii DC Legi Suiaunoa accepted a job at Oregon State
  • Hawaii WR coach Kefense Hynson accepted a job at Oregon State.
  • Boise State DL coach Steve Caldwell has accepted the same job at Arkansas
  • Boise State CB coach Ashley Ambrose accepted a job at Colorado
  • Boise State Director of Program Development Chris Ross will be named the Head Coach at Red Oak HS.


  • Hawaii has hired Corey Batoon as their new DC
  • Hawaii has hired Mark Banker as LB/ Asst HC
  • Hawaii has hired Mark Weber as OL coach
  • Hawaii has hired Ricky Logo as DL coach
  • Hawaii has hired Andrew Allen as WR coach
  • Boise State has hired Chad Kauha’aha’a as their DL coach.
  • Boise State hired Spencer Danielson (who was a defensive GA for them) as their 10th coach to continue working with the hybrid STUD position.
  • Boise State hired Jeff Popovich was their CB coach
  • Wyoming has hired Ben Iannacchione and Eric Donoval as their Director and Associate Director of Sports Performance.
  • Wyoming promoted Gordie Haug to RB coach. He was previously their recruiting coordinator.
  • San Diego State promoted Doug Deakin to Special Teams/TE coach.
  • San Diego State hired Richard Sanchez as their new DB coach.
  • San Diego State promoted LB coach Zach Arnett to DC (per the San Diego Union Tribune)
  • San Diego State promoted director of player personnel Kevin McGarry to recruiting coordinator (per the San Diego Union Tribune)
  • Nevada has elevated Tommy Perry from special teams analyst to Special Teams coordinator.
  • Nevada hired Angus McClure as their OL coach.
  • Nevada hired David Lockwood as their safeties coach.
  • UNLV hired Tim Skipper as their DC (had been on Florida’s staff)
  • UNLV hired Al Simmons as Safeties coach
  • UNLV RB coach Travis Burkett has added Special Teams Coordinator to his duties
  • UNLV will hire Eric Brown as their 10th assistant (was previously LB coach at Idaho)
  • Colorado State hired Derrick Ansley (DB coach at Alabama) as their DC.
  • Colorado State hired Eric Lewis (QC at Tennessee) as their CB coach
  • Colorado State hired Dave Johnson as OL coach and run-game coordinator
  • Colorado State hired Chase Gibson as LB coach and Special Teams coordinator
  • Colorado State hired Keith Gilmore as DL coach
  • Colorado State hired Dave Johnson as OC
  • Colorado State hired George Helow as Safeties coach
  • New Mexico hired Calvin McGee as it’s OC/RB coach (He was the Co-OC and Associate Head Coach at Arizona)
  • New Mexico hired Archie McDaniel as OLB coach
  • New Mexico hired Perry Eliano as CB coach and Special Teams Coordinator
  • San Jose State promoted Fred Guidici as their Special Teams Coordinator (Was brought back as a Quality Control coach this season)
  • San Jose State hired Kevin McGiven (former Oregon State OC/QB coach) as their OC.
  • San Jose State hired Aric Williams as their CB coach (he was previously the DB coach at Idaho)
  • Utah State hired Keith Patterson as DC and safeties coach. He was previously the DC and LB coach at Arizona State.
  • Utah State hired Uani Unga as Outside LB coach as their 10th assistant.

Updates and changes seem to be happening almost daily, so keep checking back here for the latest. Did we miss anything? Let us know.