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Mountaintop View 12-18

2 MWC bowl games were played this weekend, big basketball game coming up.

NCAA Football: Fresno State at Colorado State Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Boise State wins the Vegas Bowl in the biggest MWC bowl game

There were many who thought the Ducks would win this one going away but it couldn’t have been more opposite. Even though it was 10 points at half-time, it felt (and should’ve been) as much as 31-0 in the Broncos favor. They were in control much/all of the game and again showed their trademark knack for having big performances in big games.

In case you haven’t heard, Boise State and Oregon have a bit of a history.

The Vegas Bowl only added to that as the 2nd half brought a dumb personal foul penalty on each side (taunting by Boise State, an Oregon playing throwing the ball at a Bronco’s players head), then a punch throw by a Bronco and much shoving to follow. Not many would think that a MWC team would have a rivalry with a PAC12 team, especially one so one-sided in the MWC team’s favor. But it would be great if Boise State played Oregon and and Washington State on a regular basis.

Unfortunately, the Rams didn’t fare as well in their bowl game.

Losing a game to Marshall isn’t ideal for the Mountain West in their post-season showing. On paper, this one should have belonged to the Rams. Credit the Herd, as well as the comeback CSU almost made. Also, how good is Michael Gallup? Can’t wait to see where he ends up in his NFL career.

As bowl season is wrapping up (at least in the MWC), there is a big non-conference basketball game coming up.

Boise State basketball will take on SMU in a huge game for the Bronco’s at-large hopes. They’ve gotten off to a tremendous start and have a few nice wins, but this will provide a great test of how good they actually are right now. Tune in Monday.