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Mountaintop View 11-29

Lots of talk about the elephant in the conference

NCAA Football: Fresno State at Colorado State Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Here are some mid-week links to keep you going until Friday. The controversy of Boise hosting the conference title game only grew Tuesday night when Fresno State made their debut in the CFP rankings at #25. Look below to read more on that as well as other news around the conference.

The deal Boise State made back in 2012 that led to them hosting the 2017 title game.

In 2012, when Boise State decided to return to the MWC, they suddenly had the power. Gone were the no blue uniforms at home and in place were a list of provisions demands that all other members of the conference agreed upon. One of those the rules that BCS/CFP/computer rankings decide home field to protect team with the best chance to get into a major bowl.

Now that it’s 2017, people seem to be having 2nd thoughts about the agreement.

Tedford was approached by Oregon State, but is happy... for now.

The double-edge sword of success, especially for Group of 5 teams. While it’s extremely refreshing to hear a coach turn down an offer from a bigger conference, it will never last forever. There will be one team or a large sum of money that lure away a coach from a program. The process can be delayed with using some of the points laid out in the article, but enjoy the seasons you have him Fresno State! (disclaimer: If I’m wrong and he retires here, I will have no problem admitting I’m wrong here)

Boise State has a baseball coach... but no team (yet).

The Broncos are trying to revive a baseball program. Hiring a coach is the first step. Van Tol is from the area, has been a college and minor league coach and has a likable personality. Oh and his resume includes coaching Kris Bryant, Kyle Schwaber, and a few other members of the Chicago Cubs. I’m a White Sox fan, but I heard the Cubs have done pretty well the past few season. Looks like a good hire.


Lastly, Nevada MBB is very good

Can they crack the top 25? Will they win the MWC this season? Will Musselman stay past this season or use his success to jump ship?