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Mountaintop View 11-17

Wins, Cannons, and a bit of controversy in today’s links.

NCAA Football: Fresno State at Colorado State Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

The last week of the college football regular season concluded over the weekend and there were some exciting finishes and upsets among the games in the Mountain West. While some teams will move on to bowl games over the next few weeks, there is only 1 conference game this weekend, the MWC championship. If you haven’t heard, even though the two teams were decided over a week ago, there is quite a bit of controversy surrounding where it is being played.

Wolf Pack wins game, gets Fremont Cannon. A CANNON!

As we highlighted last week, this is arguable the coolest rivalry trophy in all of college football. The Norvell regime caps off their first season with a big win over UNLV. While it was one of their programs worst seasons, it ends on a high notes and will hopefully build momentum towards next year. If nothing else, it’s easy to see the players appear have bought in.

They weren’t the only new staff to finish with a win either...

It’s been a rough start in the Brennan era as well, but they beat Wyoming for their first and only conference win this year. Sure the Cowboys were without QB Josh Allen, but the Spartans will take it. LB Frank Ginda finishes the season with 173 tackles!!! Again, hopefully some positive momentum going into year two.

Fresno State beat Boise State head to head on Saturday, but won’t host the title game.

The Bulldogs won the first of the two games against the Broncos, taking home the Milk Can trophy. As we all know, the two will have an immediate rematch, but due to the MWC using computer rankings to determine home field advantage, the game will take place in Boise. Understandably, Fresno State and its fans have every right to be upset. Not saying it’s right or wrong, but it is certainly quirky and the quick turnaround only puts the situation further under the spotlight.

Here’s what a Boise State beat writer wrote about the same situation

This isn’t to further the controversy, but I find it interesting to see what each “side” is reporting. I say “side” because neither beat writer is speaking for the team or its fans. The quotes from MWC commissioner Craig Thompson sound like they make not be likely to make a huge change. However, it would be surprising if there weren’t some changes made. At the very least, no out of division games in the final week of the season would be a great start.

Outlook for the week:

  • The Recruiting Roundup will be posted in a few hours. The visit recaps may be a week or two old (finally caught back up after being on vacation).
  • Mid-week, look for our version of the All MWC team. Of course it will be far superior to the one released by the conference itself
  • An article or two previewing the Championship game next Saturday