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Broncos Add Size to their OL Class

New commit Garrett Curran is a mammoth addition.

NCAA Football: Boise State at New Mexico Sean Pokorny-USA TODAY Sports

If Garrett Curran plays anything like how he went about the recruiting process, you may not here much about him. But that won’t mean he isn’t putting the hard work in and getting the job done at the end of the day.

Garrett kept his recruiting fairly quiet, partly because he didn’t know any other way. He explained back in August that “I've never had a brother or a family member or anyone like that go through college playing sports so I’m going through it all for the first time and learning. it's tough to find things that separate schools from one another without seeing them. If I don't visit a school all I have is past records and what conference that school is. Sure I can look up coaches and read about them but talking to them face to face for 10-20 minutes gives me far more info.”

Even without having an example to look to, Garrett knew the process was more about the people and the relationships to him, rather than the program prestige or conference affiliation. He took a few visits during the fall, but again went about his business quietly, choosing not to open the social media world to his recruiting process. It turns out, a visit to Boise State against Wyoming back on October 21st sealed the deal for him, but he waited until after his high school season was finished to announce his decision, wanting to focus on his senior season.

“It was the visit and getting to meet the staff. I had talked with a lot of them over the phone but the trip is what did it for me. It’s hard to say what stood out. It just felt right, like that was the place I wanted to be.”

When asked about what he and the staff see for his future on the blue, Curran responded by saying “Coach Bedell and Coach Uscher. They are great people and coaches. They really like that I’m aggressive and move very well for my size. I’ll probably play tackle for them.” Garrett has the height and athleticism that have become prototypical traits of a BSU offensive lineman. He also primarily played right tackle for his high school team at Granite Hills, so it would make sense for him to continue there.

Below is his Junior highlight tape:

The first thing to notice on his film is that Garrett doesn’t stop running until he finds someone to make a hit on, even if that means running up field several yards. The next thing that sticks out is how often he was featured as the pull-lineman. He was at whatever side of the ball they wanted to run on, which clearly states he is their best option in terms of run-blocking. It showed on tape as he continued to open holes for the RB while being athletic enough to get out in front and make a block in the second level of the defense. As a pass-blocker, he appeared pretty immovable. While that will change in college, it does point to his strength and technique being positive skills for him. Overall, Garrett seemed to be a focal point of the offense and one that could make a big impact as an offensive lineman, which isn’t easy.

Curran held offers from a majority of MWC schools and a few PAC12. His list includes: Arizona, Washington State, Fresno State, Nevada, UNLV, Air Force, New Mexico, Hawaii, and Utah State. He is listed as a 3-star recruit and is rated the 99th best OT in the country, according to 247 composite ratings. He is 6’5 and 285 pounds at this time, but appears to have the frame for more weight.

The Broncos 2018 class is now up to 17 members with the addition of Curran, who plans to sign in December. He is the 2nd offensive linemen and the 8th from the state of California, where the coaches do a great deal of recruiting. First year OL coach Brad Bedell has been a bit selective with his offers so far but he appears to be identifying solid players for his future offensive line.

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