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Mountain Top View: 11-15

A look at a few articles concerning MWC related news. The passing of a legend, and should Hawaii make a change?

NCAA Football: Georgia State at Air Force Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

Many SBNation sites do some kind of article highlight links and stories around the internet featuring their favorite teams, so why don’t we join the movement as well?

This will probably be a weekly feature, at least for now, and mid-week seems as good of a time as any to run it as it is a bit of a down time during the season. Other days are covered by game previews, game recaps, and recruiting coverage, so for now, get your taste of MWC content with some links to stories around the conference:

A Closer look at THE Game of the Week in the MWC

In case you were living under a rock and didn’t hear, Boise State came back from deficits of 28-3 and were down two scores with three minutes left to play. One of the staple plays a well executed on-side kick by Bronco’s kicker Joel Velazquez (who took home MWC Special Teams POTW as a result). BSU beat reporter B.J. Rains takes an in-depth look at the play.

Should Hawaii punt the season and change QBs?

With the Rainbow Warriors no longer able to become bowl eligible, should they look ahead to the future and the 2018 season by getting some young blood in there, especially at quarterback?

Mourning the loss of a legendary prep coach

In some sad news, former Edison HS coach Tony Perry passed away. A great tribute article here.

Stubbs was wrong about Harsin... and he admits it!

From our very own fearless leader, read Stubbs’ thoughts about how Bryan Harsin has taken Boise State from an embarrassing 2-2 start to the season and why he now thinks the coach is no longer a bust.

Well that’s all we have this week. Weigh in with your thoughts and comments about the article in the comments section and if you come across any articles while surfing the web, feel free to send them our way in the coming weeks!

Also, if you have a creative name better than Mountain Top View, please let us know! It was the best I came up with in the past 20 minutes.