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Grading SDSU’s 41-10 win over UNLV

NCAA Football: Northern Illinois at San Diego State Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Another week brings another win for the SDSU Aztecs as they topped UNLV 41 - 10 to improve to 6-0 on the season. The team has a pretty high GPA so far this season and this week’s test is only serving to help raise those numbers.


Christian Chapman ended with 172 passing yards and no passing TD’s, but he did have a 14 yard touchdown run. The biggest standout from the night was the big connections to Mikah Holder and the third down conversions. The Aztec’s were in control wire to wire on this one and Chapman was not asked to put up huge numbers but he continues to impress with his efficiency. A botched pitch to Penny early in the game was the only major negative on the night but that blame gets split with Penny.

With the game in hand Ryan Agnew came in for the last drive and marched the team down the field for a score. How cool is it to be able to talk about SDSU having quality depth?


It’s crowded at the top, just as Penny gets himself in the Heisman conversation, Juwan Washington and Chase Jasmin all have themselves a night. Penny finished the night with an impressive 177 yards and 2 scores so his hype should pick back up after a sluggish game last week. The depth at back was equally as impressive on the night, Juwan Washington put up 95 yards on 10 carries and a touchdown. Aztec fans should feel comfortable that every single down there is a capable back in the backfield. Which brings me to the cherry on top of the entire night, on the last drive of the night Chase Jasmin came in and we 5 carried for 29 yards and a score.


Mikah Holder came back with a vengeance and put up a night to remember with 9 catches for 144 yards. This was a display that will force teams to continue to game plan against Holder and thus help the run game down the line. The receivers also deserve their standard credit for doing an excellent job blocking for the running backs.


It’s hard when the past few weeks have included a much of game winning scores to keep up that kind of production so it was a slow night on the surface. They get credit for helping block for a 300 plus yard night for the team so a quiet thankless night for the the law firm or Warring and Wells.


315 yards of rushing is pretty much what every offensive line dreams of, they came out and imposed their will on the UNLV defense. This group is more fun to watch every week.


3 sacks and under 300 yards allowed is a pretty impressive night. They also showed restraint in the penalties, a great step forward toward becoming an elite group. Any time an offense gets shutout in the second half there is a lot to be excited about and that starts with the big men up front.


The pressure was excellent all night long and Troy Cassidy continues to be the unsung hero of the defensive stands this season. They look strong coming with several different blitzes and coverage schemes. The only issue was allowing or several big runs on broken plays where UNLV’s Qb was able to scramble, I know this isn't specially something the defense can prepare for but it does leave some concern for the long term of needing to play perfect the rest of the season to get the best bowl game possible.


They failed to generate a turnover and had a couple of receivers slip behind coverage that they shouldn't have but not a bad night for the secondary. The mistakes didn't end up coating them scores thanks to great open field tackling from Kameron Kelly. The performance left something to be desired, but the


John Baron continues to be reliable as ever, kicking in a pair of field goals on the night. The punts from Heicklen did a great job at helping with the field position battle.