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Recruiting Roundup 10-9

The Wolfpack caps off a great week and Wyoming is productive during their bye week.

NCAA Football: Hawaii at Nevada Lance Iversen-USA TODAY Sports

The Mountain West Conference was extremely busy this week, with 6 known commitments, 4 known visits (there were undoubtedly more), and 15 known offers. Perhaps no team had a better week than Nevada. For starters, they picked up their first win of the season and the Norwell era by beating Hawaii. They hosted a number of visitors for the game, at least 3 officially, and pulled in two commits. Wyoming also made great use of their bye week, handing out a few offers and securing two commitments. MWConnection caught up with a few of the commits and you read what they had to say below:

Commitment Spotlight:

  • Crishaun Lappin: “I decided on Nevada because of the great coaches. I love the school and the environment and what really did it for me was the academics, which were a major part of my decision! The staff see me as a good guy who can make an impact as a freshman! Me and Coach White are close, that’s my guy! He and all the coaches really took care of me this weekend and made it feel as if it were home and I loved that. I’ll arrive next summer.”
  • Sean Chambers: “I felt at home Laramie, and the football program is amazing!! I visited the weekend of the 30th, gave it a few days to think it over and then pulled the trigger. Coach Vigen and Coach Bohl along with Coach Kaligis. The entire staff has been great to communicate with. My only focus once I am on campus is to be the best student athlete that I can be and compete for a role. The staff have been great communicators with me the entire process. I immediately had a connection with them. Also, Laramie is a small rural town and community, something that struck home with me as I am also from a small rural community. In addition, I saw how another guy from my area has done there and it all fell into place for me. It’s a big time program with a close knit college community.”
  • Charles Hicks: “I went out there on an official visit last weekend. And I saw so many things I was not expecting. The team over there was so close , it seemed very family oriented. It felt like home right when I got there. I knew it was the place for me. It kind of blew me away and made me feel like I was apart of the family. They all brought me in as if I was apart of the team already. It was a great feeling. I’ll be playing LB there, signing in December, graduating early and I’ll be there for spring ball.”
  • Chad Magyar: “I drove up to watch the San Jose State game and get a tour of the campus and just fell in love! I saw what new facilities were being built and what the program was becoming. After the game I followed the team into the locker room and heard coach Sanchez speaking to the players and immediately realized that's a coach I want to play for. After talking to my family and high school coach about it I decided to commit.”

Recruiting Tidbits:


  • TE Trey McBride committed to Colorado State
  • LB Charles Hicks committed to Wyoming
  • QB Sean Chambers committed to Wyoming
  • RB Chad Magyar committed to UNLV
  • RB Devonte Lee committed to Nevada
  • FB/H-back Crishaun Lappin committed to Nevada


  • FB Chrishaun Lappin visited Nevada
  • CB Christian Swint visited Nevada
  • CB commit Jaden Dedman visited Nevada
  • JUCO RB/WR Jason Thomas visited Utah State


  • DB Delano Ware was offered by Air Force
  • 2019 LB Danie Heimuli was offered by Hawaii
  • ATH Thomas Marcus was offered by Utah State
  • OL Bebee Landon was offered by New Mexico
  • ATH Taj Davis was offered by New Mexico
  • QB Vic Viramontes was offered by New Mexico
  • JUCO DT Tristan Nichols was offered by New Mexico
  • DE Bradley Bickler was offered by Wyoming
  • LB Leevi Iafaele was offered by Wyoming
  • LB Kyle Beaudry was offered by Nevada
  • WR/DB Puka Nacua was offered by Nevada
  • WR/RB Jake Smith was offered by Nevada
  • RB Drake Anderson was offered by Nevada
  • 2019 DB Austin Fiaseu was offered by Nevada
  • Julian Dedman (assuming younger brother of Jaden) was offered by Nevada

Did we miss any offers, visitors or commitments? Anything else you want to see from our coverage in the future? Please let us know by leaving a comment below.