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Boise State’s Season On The Line?

Is tonight a must win for Boise State? Here are the arguments.

NCAA Football: Boise State at Washington State James Snook-USA TODAY Sports

Tonight’s Boise State-BYU game is obviously the biggest game of the season for both squads. If BYU loses, they fall to 1-5, and may see their hopes of a bowl game disappear. If Boise State loses they fall to 2-3, under .500 for the first time after five games since 2001. But is it a MUST win for the Broncos?

Here are the arguments.


  1. If Boise State loses to this BYU squad, who more than likely won’t be starting its starting, or even backup quarterback, panic will ensue. 2-3 is never acceptable in Bronco-land, but 2-3 with back-to-back losses - one at home and one to an underwhelming BYU - will have Bronco Nation contemplating mutiny.
  2. Bryan Harsin said that during Boise’s recent bye week he got to watch some college football, and he said one of his major takeaways was how paramount momentum is. Well, good luck gaining any momentum traveling down to San Diego State next weekend if you lose tonight. The Aztecs already smell blood in the water, and if Boise loses tonight, look for Rocky Long and company to run it up against Boise next weekend.
  3. For the first time in a long time Boise State fans need evidence. They need some type of proof that this team is still responding to Bryan Harsin. For a long time Boise fans have just had blind faith (and rightfully so) that everything would eventually work itself out, but there seems to be a growing number of fans needing results before they’ll fully buy back in to this team.


  1. This is an out of conference game. Technically, Boise can lose this game, and still accomplish every goal they stated before the season. Win the Mountain division, win a Mountain West title, and go to a bowl game. This game really has no bearing on that.
  2. In baseball they say momentum is as good as your next day’s starter. Well in college football you could just change that to say “as good as your starting quarterback”, and Boise (despite what some are saying) has a pretty dang good starting quarterback. Brett Rypien - when on - can absolutely win a game all by himself. If Rypien hits his stride in the second half of this season, Boise stands a good chance against any and all conference opponents.
  3. While losing this game would be devastating, and cause mass hysteria for the Boise faithful, it would be nothing compared to if Boise loses to Air Force, Colorado State, or Wyoming. I am aware that this answer parallels number one, but whatever. Get over it.

So, what do you think? Is tonight a MUST win for Boise State? Vote in the poll, blow me up on twitter @Stubbs_SBN, or comment below and I’ll tell you why you are right or wrong.


Is tonight a MUST win for BSU?

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