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Visit Recap: Boise State

Bronco recruits share their experiences at Boise State

NCAA Football: Wyoming at Boise State Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

With most schools, the unofficial recruiting motto is: “if we can get a recruit on campus, we have a good chance to land them.” This makes sense as being able to see a game-day experience at a school lets the recruit know: how into the game the crowd/students are, how the coaches use a certain position or scheme on the field, as well as how the players act before, during, and after a game. It is also one of the few times recruits, their families, and the staff have the opportunity to interact in person during the recruiting process.

Boise State is no exception to this and used their recent home game against Wyoming to host a number of official and unofficial visitors. Mountain West Connection was able to contact many of the athletes visiting and hear about their time at Boise State.

WR Billy Bowens: Official Visit

  • I really liked how everyone was friendly and the environment and culture was really stable. I enjoyed it a lot and the people there love football; the coaches ,the players, the fans, everyone. It was such a great thing to witness and potentially be a part of!
  • With the coaches, we mainly talked about the fact that I fit the program and I am exactly what they are looking for in a player and in a young man. No one really mentioned what receiver spot I would play. I am just coming in and looking to help the team , slot, X, whatever to make plays and help the team.”
  • As for next steps, I will talk to my father and take another visit or two so that I can get a feel of another place/program and see how everything goes from that point on!

WR Stefan Cobbs: Official Visit

  • For me, the highlight was getting to talk to all the coaches. They all have great experience. A lot of them have been at some major universities and have coached some good players. That’s telling.
  • Also, the players that play for Boise State now really took me in and treated me like family, as well as the commits in my class. All of us visitors are following each other on social media now.
  • As far as next steps, I’m honestly still thinking about it. The visit was great and Boise State is definitely one of my top schools, but I also like the other schools. (He has no future visits planned at this point, but in the past has expressed interest in Tulane and North Texas)

DB Michael Washington: Official Visit

  • It was great up there, the energy was crazy! It reminded me of home, I mean like the family atmosphere they had up.
  • One of my favorite parts was the jersey try on. I could really see what it was like to play for them and be part of their team.
  • I still want to take all five of my visits. SJSU, BYU, and UNLV will be in the running. I’ve already been to Hawaii. The only difference between that one and Boise was that Hawaii was more laid back and we had more time to do things. I really like Hawaii and Boise State, that’s why I took those two first.

OL Braydin Shipp: Unofficial Visit

  • By far the biggest highlight was to finally get to see what the atmosphere was like there. It was freezing cold and rainy the whole game and to see that it was still completely packed and everyone still screaming and getting into it there was awesome.
  • We talked to the coaches a bit, focused on the academic and campus life side of things a bit to appease my mom. Wanted to tour the campus a bit more, but didn’t with the weather. We can do that more during the official, which we discussed possibly doing that in December.
  • Boise State is a top school of mine, but I’m in no rush to commit since I’ll be taking an LDS mission, so I’ll kind of be in the class of 2020. I can really think it all through and take my time making the best decision for me.

2019 QB Hank Bachmeier: Unofficial Visit

  • Went well. I was just glad to come back up and experience what I felt the first time (when he visited over the summer)
  • The game experience was great. Just had a good time with some of the other visitors. Got to watch a fun game. The place can get loud!
  • I stayed Sunday and flew Monday morning. Had a great time with the whole staff. They really make me feel like family. Coach Harsin and Coach Hill communicate with me the most and are the ones I’m closest with.
  • It’s an honor to have all these opportunities (all of his offers and the visits he has taken so far to schools). And I want to make sure that I analyze and break down my decision the best I possibly can. I think going and visiting and experiencing what each school is about and what kind of vibe you get is really important.

It is important to recognize that even though none of these recruits committed during the visit, it doesn’t mean progress wasn’t made towards securing commitments down the line. As one can probably see from the comments above, many of the recruits don’t want to make an emotional decision, instead preferring to gather more evidence through future visits and compare as well as analyze each school objectively. This does not take away from the positive gains made on this weekend visits (as well as other visits a recruit goes on and does not immediately commit). It would not be surprising to see a few of these names end up on Boise State’s commitment list between now and February.

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