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Recruiting Roundup 10-23

The Spartans make strides in their 2018 class

NCAA Football: San Jose State at UNLV Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports

The schools of the Mountain West Conference continue to put in hard work in their recruiting. One could argue their staffs have to work twice as hard when it comes to building relationships with a recruit in case they get tempted to jump ship for a P5 offer coming in after they commit. Nevertheless, this week offers more of the same in terms of lots of offers going out (Hawaii has to be up to at least 5,000 offers in the 2018 class), 5 new commits in the conference (with the Spartans leading the way with 2), and Boise State have a big weekend in the visitor department (5 official visitors were said to be there as well as a handful of unofficial visitors).

Normally, this would be filled with interviews and quotes from new commits and recruits coming fresh off their visits. Not everyone has returned messages yet, so rather than list only a few in here, those interviews will have their own posts later in the week. For today, let’s take a look at each teams trends and patterns in their offers and recruiting thus far.

  1. Boise State: They are sticking to their tried and true recruiting state: Get the bulk of the class from California and Texas (currently 4 and 2), lock up the in-state talent (2 players) and sprinkle in some players from Arizona, Hawaii, and PNW. Utah is an area they have been trying to expand in and they got a gem in QB Zach Wilson.
  2. Colorado State: Only 4 of their commits are coming from in-state which is a little bit surprising and a little bit impressive (that their solid class is from all over, with 4 others in Florida alone).
  3. Nevada: When switching systems, it’s interesting in recruiting to see how their players in being brought in to plug in to said systems. Cole Turner at 6’6 and Romeo Dobbs at 6’3 will fit nicely as an outside WR in the air-raid, while Kashan Griffin and Charles Ross, both listed at 6’, possess the speed needed to succeed as inside/slot WRs.
  4. San Diego State: In what shouldn’t be a surprise, they do the majority of their recruiting in the talent-rich California. For an offense built around the run game, they sure do seem to be loading up on WRs with 4 listed, plus a huge TE.
  5. Fresno State: None, I repeat, NONE of their verbal commits in this class thus far are from outside California. Not only is the new staff taking care of things on the field, but they are locking up in-state talent as well. Players are wanting to stay home and be part of the new look Bulldogs. So far there seems to be an emphasis on skill positions and the interior of the DL.
  6. UNLV: At first glance what jumps out is only 1 player from Nevada. Then looking closer at where they are coming from, 3 from each of CA, TX, and AZ and they are going outside to the right places. 7 of 11 are skill positions and another 7 of 11 are on the offensive side the ball.
  7. Air Force: When running the triple option, look at who they are bringing in at QB, RB, and OL. The QB is a dual-threat ranked as a 3-star and 53rd on 247 (check) and the 3 OL are 280lb or higher (check). RB could use another guy but the class is going in the right direction.
  8. Hawaii: Almost half the class is coming from Hawaii, which hasn’t been easy to do before Rolo got in. Even better, the guys they are bringing from the mainland are full of talent and not just looking for a 4 year Hawaiian vacation. Offense is the priority so far.
  9. Wyoming: As discussed last week, Cowboys seem to go for “fit the system guys” over “great recruiting rankings” and it works for them. They have their “good who will be molded into great” QB in Chambers, along with Gentry, Muma and Hicks as the guys who will lead the class. But if OL Baker can add weight, he could be the sleeper in this class that Bohl is getting known for.
  10. New Mexico: Triple Option check part 2. Mobile QB (nope), slew of RBs (nope), and huge OL (check! 2 of their 3 commits, both 6’5, both over 285lbs!). The 3rd commit in the class is a 3-star safety. Coming from CA and TX too, so there are positives in a very small class.
  11. San Jose State: They doubled their total class size last week and are on a bye this week, so the staff will have an opportunity to go out and recruit. 4 out of 4 from Cali isn’t a bad thing and traveling during the bye may allow they to expand out to other areas. Bostic has nice size at 6’1 for a CB.
  12. Utah State: 1 out of 3 from Utah. They have a QB anyway. Not much to be said about this class yet, but adding an ATH from CA like they did last week can’t be a bad thing.


  • JUCO DB DJ Williams was offered by Hawaii
  • JUCO DE Tyrik Jones was offered by Hawaii
  • ATH Jacob Mpungi was offered by Hawaii
  • OL Jason Bamford was offered by New Mexico
  • OL Max Barth was offered by Colorado State
  • DB Luca Vartic was offered by UNLV
  • JUCO Vernon Dasher was offered by Nevada and UNLV
  • DB McKenzie Barnes was offered by Fresno State
  • 2019 CB/DB Isaiah Rutherford was offered by SDSU
  • LB Laiatu Latu was offered by SJSU, SDSU and Fresno State
  • ATH Rejzohn Wright was offered by SJSU
  • DB Justin Sinclair was offered by SJSU
  • JUCO Delrick Abrams jr was offered by Boise State
  • RB Dauson Booker was offered by Wyoming
  • DB Charlie Bostic was offered by Wyoming


  • ATH Tim Patrick committed to Utah State
  • DT Moa Heimuli committed to UNLV
  • RB Lorenzo Burkes committed to SJSU
  • OL Jamie Navarro committed to SJSU
  • OL Frank Crum committed to Wyoming

(Separate piece coming once I get a hold of every new commit)


  • DB Michael Washington visited Boise State
  • WR Stefan Cobbs visited Boise State
  • WR Billy Bowens visited Boise State
  • DT Scale Igiehon visited Boise State
  • OL Braydin Shipp took an unofficial visit to Boise State
  • Boise State also was said to have another official visitor, but Mountain West Connectino has been unable to confirm with the recruit.

(Look for a full write up on the Boise State visitors later this week)