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Grading SDSU’s 31 - 14 loss to Boise State

NCAA Football: Boise State at San Diego State Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

So reality set in in a hard way for SDSU fans on Saturday as the Aztec’s took their first loss of the season 31 - 14 to Boise State. While this doesn't by any stretch of the imagination mean the end of the season it does put dent in the New Year’s Day bowl game aspirations that many Aztec fans have had. Here is the team grades for the first loss of the season.

Quarterback (C)

Christian Chapman got a months worth of conditioning in running for his life all game long. He showed flashes of being ready to lead the charge from behind in the second half with a couple of deep play action passes, including an 89 yard TD strike to Fred Trevillion. Ultimately it was just an underwhelming performance on a night where the rest of the offense did even worse.

Running Backs (D+)

This game left a lot of SDSU fans scratching their heads wondering if something was wrong with Rashaad Penny. While he didn't seem to be hurt he sure didn't look like the back that SDSU fans have grown accustomed to seeing. you can make an argument that he was at the mercy of what his line was giving him up front but production this far off the pace of what this season has shown is a very bad look. Juwan Washington also displayed poor situation awareness when he stood still and didn't make any effort to tackle Boise linebacker Kekaula Kaniho who picked up a lose ball and ran it back for a score.

Wide Receivers (B-)

Fred Trevillion caught the first touchdown by a wide receiver this season in a dramatic start to the second half. Mikah Holder made some great catches over the middle while getting crushed by linebackers. But all of their success comes as kind of an afterthought when the team couldn't sustain a drive.

Tight Ends (D)

They have to get some of the blame for the poor showing from the offensive line, since they sure weren't out catching a ton of balls.

Offensive Line (F)

The scheme was bad, the execution was worse. The line looked outmatched at every spot all night long. This should raise serious red flags for the rest of the season, if one defense can provide teams with a roadmap to shutting down SDSU then there may be bigger issues on the year than just one loss.

Defensive Line (D)

Noble Hall got pushed around pretty easily. The Boise offense matched seemingly at will down the field. A large amount of the Boise rushing attack came between the tackles and still found huge gaps to run through.

Linebackers (C-)

Boise averaged almost 6 yards per rush by the end of the night. The backers were outclassed and overmatched by the physical attack of the Boise offense. It could be a simple issue of a bad personnel match up, it could also be a sign that there are ways to exploit the 3-3-5. There’s lots of corrections to make for Lakalaka and company, them bouncing back strong next week may be the most important change the Aztecs need to make.

Defensive Back (C)

If you want to sum up the game in one play look no further then when Tariq Thompson perfectly jumped a receiver and had a wide open field in front of him but simply didn't come down with the interception. The whole game was a lot of so close but so far away.

Special Teams (Fail)

Punt coverage broke down and allowed an easy Boise score early in the game to set the tone for the Broncos. The Aztecs only averaged 16 yards per kick return. All told the special teams were more bust than boom.