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Does Utah State have a chance to upset USC?

Get caught up with the Mountain West news you may have missed.

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Boise State v Utah State Photo by Loren Orr/Getty Images

Get caught up with the Mountain West news you may have missed.

Fox Sports’ Petros Papadakis see’s big issues for USC.

Conquest Chronicles previews the Utah State game.

The father of Boise State football Lyle Smith is getting a statue: Former Boise State head coach, and centenarian, Lyle Smith is being honored this weekend. Broncos fans should be able to be viewed by the public at this Saturday’s home opener against Washington State.

Craig Bohl returns to his alma mater Nebraska: Bohl was a long-time assistant at Nebraska and is returning back for the first time as an opposing coach, and he is treating this game as a “business trip,” and a test for Wyoming.

Wyoming QB Josh Allen has came a long way from his collarbone injury: After reconstructive surgery soon after, Allen spent two weeks in a sling, then two more weeks letting his arm hang. Then came two more weeks moving his hand up a wall, trying to get his arms and shoulders moving. By the two-month mark of his rehabilitation, he could start to lift light and moderate weights. Then, he could start to throw a football again. By spring ball, he had grabbed his starting quarterback spot back.

Nevada can now prep for a QB this week when they travel to Notre Dame and it’s this guy.

Faton Bauta second chance: “You have to walk in and act like you’re the starter every day,” Bauta said. “I was taught that when I was a freshman in college, actually from Aaron Murray. He told that to me, and it’s something that stuck with me a long time. It’s just your demeanor. You have to make sure you’re the dude all the time. When it happens, nothing has to change. … If you’re promoting the same positive, encouraging message all the time, you should be pretty good.”