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MWC to review calls from USU/AFA game

Head Coach Matt Wells referred several controversial calls from Saturday's game to the conference for further review.

In the Monday press conference, USU Head Coach Matt Wells indicated that after every game, coaches have the opportunity to send specific plays to the conference for another look. He also indicated that he was in disagreement with several calls from Saturday's game, and that he had taken the opportunity to refer them to the conference. AFA Head Coach Troy Calhoun also attempted to appeal the targeting call on his star safety, but was told in response that because targeting calls are reviewed on the field, they cannot be overturned. The calls USU is upset about cannot be overturned post-game either, obviously, but they are hoping for some vindication from the conference's response, which should be released later this week.

I have gathered some slow motion videos of each of the controversial calls from tweets, and I am posting them here.

First, the TD pass to Ron'quavion Tarver in the 1st quarter. This was ruled an incomplete pass, and after extensive review, the booth official decided that the call would stand. VIDEO

Second, the fourth down completion to Andrew Rodriguez later in the 1st. The play was ruled a completed pass, and after extensive review, the booth official declared that there was enough evidence to overturn the call and ruled it an incomplete pass. VIDEO

Third, the targeting call against Weston Steelhammer in the 3rd quarter, which is shown in the video at the top of this article (credit ESPN for the video, which can be found on their site here).

And fourth, the alleged fumble from Kent Myers in the 4th quarter. It was ruled a fumble, and after review, the booth official declared that there was not enough evidence to overturn it, and the initial ruling stood. VIDEO

After watching them yourself, what do you think? Let us know in the comments.