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Week 3 Mountain West power rankings: San Diego State a near unanimous pick

San Diego State extends its lead over Boise State but it is not a unanimous at the number one spot.

The Mountain West power poll could get a shakeup next week as Air Force takes on Utah State, but this week there is not a ton of movement. The top four stayed the same but San Diego State did earn a few more first-place votes and remain No. 1, and they are followed by Boise State who has a pair of first-place votes and the third and fourth spots are Air Force followed by Utah State.

Those latter two play this week and will shakeup the poll next week.

The biggest move was Colorado State who moved up four spots from 10 to the No. 6 spot after their easy win over Northern Colorado. The confidence might be that true freshman Collin Hill had a big game in his first career start.

The team that fell the most was UNLV after their loss to Central Michigan over the weekend with a drop from fifth to the eighth spot.

We feel sorry for Hawaii and Fresno State as they remain at the bottom two spots for the third straight week.

Below are this week's rankings, and check out last week to see the difference.

Rank Team Previous
1. San Diego State (17) 1
2. Boise State (2) 2
3. Air Force 3
4. Utah State 4
5. Nevada 7
6. Colorado State 10
7. Wyoming 6
8. UNLV 5
9. New Mexico 8
10. San Jose State 9
11. Fresno State 11
12. Hawaii 12