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San Jose State vs. Utah game preview: Spartans get to host a Power Five team

San Jose State has a big game against Utah, so we reached out to for more insight.

BYU v Utah Photo by George Frey/Getty Images

San Jose State gets the rare chance to host at a Power Five team when the University of Utah this weekend. The Utes are 2-0 with wins over Southern Utah and BYU. To get to know the Utes we chat with

1. With the news that Joe Williams is retiring from the football team who is next in line at running back and could the reigns be handed to freshman Zach Moss?

Fans and people around the program are sad that Joe is moving on, but the excitement around Zack Moss is about as high as we’ve ever had for a true freshman. The young guy is a bruiser, that has some speed as well. He showed well in his first game against BYU, a good defense, and I think the hopes are high he’ll have a bigger game against SJSU. Troy McCormick will also play some running back, and he’ll be more the lightning to Moss’ thunder. It’s a very exciting combo that should be good for the Utes going forward.

2. San Jose State's rush defense is real bad so is the game plan for the Utes to just run and run to get Moss carries and to get the total ground game on track?

That’s always the plan for Utah. Utah’s a smash mouth team that wants to establish the ground game. Along with that, the Utes would want to setup the ground game to help give Troy Williams a good play action game, to help further develop the passing attack.

3. The passing defense has been strong for San Jose State over the past few years and Troy Williams has not been exceptional at quarterback this year, so what would be a good performance for Williams?

I expect Williams to be good, he’s had a couple of good starts, but he’s had a couple of bad decisions in the BYU game. Williams is showing to be a threat through the air, as he’s been pushing it downfield consistently, and if he eliminates the bad decisions, he’ll be quite a weapon. I’d expect he to be around 250 yards through the air, with a couple of TDs.

4. Utah's defense is nearly always one of the best in the country with new players coming into replace the old one's, so who are the players on this defense that the Spartans should be aware of.

Lowell Lotulelei is the biggest name of the group, brother of Star. He’s a monster, and a must double team at all times. Hunter Dimick is healthy, and after having 10 sacks a couple of years ago, is proving to be a menace once again on the defensive line. On the back end, Marcus Williams is an All-Pac-12 performer, and about as good of a center fielder as you could ask for. Those are three of the biggest names, but Utah’s d-line is one of the best in the country, and the secondary isn’t far behind.

5. How the heck did San Jose State land a home-and-home series?

Sounds like recruiting. Utah wants to be in California as much as possible, and they’d like to snatch some of those Nor Cal kids. It sounds like Utah may be stopping off in San Jose on occasion over the years.

6. Who wins this game?

Utah wins, and I think the offense busts out after showing some very promising signs: 45-17.