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Colorado State vs UTSA: Rams win, 23-14

The Rams win but they still have questions

NCAA Football: Texas-San Antonio at Colorado State The Coloradoan-USA TODAY Sports

The Colorado State Rams won 23-14 against the Texas-San Antonio Roadrunners. The defense stepped up in a big way from last week. The running game was the workhorse once again.

Now head coach Mike Bobo has even more of a headache about the QB position.

The defense was able to hold the Roadrunners to -1 rushing yards. Thanks in part to six sacks. Kevin Davis didn’t shoulder to load this week, but he did end up with three sacks.

Jakob Buys and Evan Colorito each had one. Josh Watson and Justin Sweet combined for the last one. The defense did have it weak moments. On the first drive, they let right down the field for a touchdown, same thing happened right before halftime. The defense definitely performed better when allowed to attack instead of sitting back.

The offense still has some work to do at the QB position. Both Faton Bauta and Collin Hill combined went 8-23 for 108 yards. 45 yards of that came on one pass at the end of the first half to set up a field goal.

Some of this can be blamed on the receivers for dropping catchable balls. Michael Gallup was open on a deep ball on the Rams second drive and it hit off his arm as he lost it in the sun.

Others had short passes dropped that were right in their hands. Bobo decided to burn the redshirt of freshman QB Collin Hill. Except for one throw off his back foot and a couple drops by the receivers, Hill looked decent. With more time in the system and getting more comfortable with the receivers, Hill could turn out to be a great QB. Now Bobo has to make a decision on what to do at QB.

Bobo on not having a starting QB:

We do not have a starting quarterback right now. And everybody might go ‘how can you not have a starting quarterback?’ Well, we have to figure out what we can do and who can make the best decisions to get us in the right play.

The running game was once again the workhorse of the offense. Izzy Matthews and Dalyn Dawkins combined for 27 carries for 117 yards and two TDs.

As a team they went 47 carries for 220 yards. Expect the Rams to run the ball a lot until the QB situation is figured out. And they might need to hurry that up as defenses will start loading the box and force the Rams to throw.

A funny special teams moment occurred at the end of the first half. Wyatt Bryan was attempting a field goal and twice UTSA jumped offsides and twice Bryan pulled left. On the third attempt everything went smooth and Bryan kicked it down the middle.

All in all the Rams still have things to work out. They have a game against FCS Northern Colorado next week before traveling to Minnesota the week after. The Rams need to focus and start stepping up in order to make a bowl game this year.