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Utah State vs Weber State Preview

So let’s be honest with ourselves. Is there really any chance Utah State loses this game?

After a promising fall camp, the Aggies are finally ready to take the field against Weber State later today. The last time these two schools met was 2013 when Utah State demolished Weber State by a score of 70-6.

So let’s be honest with ourselves, is there really any chance Utah State loses this game? The answer is pretty easy, obviously no.

You can tell by reading interviews that Matt Wells, and his players, are taking this game just as seriously as any other. Perhaps even a bit too seriously. Wells said that Weber State’s 6-5 record last year was “strong”, and is dismissing the last meeting between the two schools, saying “the culture has changed.”

The fact that the Aggies are taking this game so seriously is really good, it means they are focused and won’t make any stupid mistakes that might lead to an upset. The Aggies are poised to make up for a rather disappointing season last season.

When you wake up Friday morning you probably won’t hear anything about this game, unless you’re hearing that it was the first game to be streamed on Twitter. The game starts at 6 PM MT you also can listen to the game here