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Top 50 Mountain West players: No. 42 is Ben Weaver, Boise State, LB

The Boise State linebacker has a chance to have a break out season.

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

The 2016 version of the Mountain West Connection top 50 football players countdown is finally here and the 42nd player is Boise State linebacker Ben Weaver.

Weaver is coming off of a decent year where he had 68 tackles and four for a loss, but he also was able to get his hands on the ball with three interceptions and recovered a fumble. He is expected to have a bigger role this year with the Broncos losing Tyler Gray and Kamalei Correa from the front seven.

Phil Steele see's the potential and lists Weaver on his preseason second team.

Here are the staff picks and composite rankings.

Composite Jeremy Mauss Duane Grasmick Daniel Arbino Matthew Kenerly Brandon Blake erwinism Josh Fredlund DontWarriorBoutIt Terrance Dickens
13 Ben Weaver, BSU, LB
14 Tanner Gentry, WYO, WR
17 DJ Dunn, Jr, AFA, LB
20 Kenny Potter, SJSU, QB
21 Kenny Potter, SJSU, QB
22 Maurice McKnight, SJSU, DB
24 Malik Smith, SDSU, DB Roland Ladipo, AFA, CB
25 Andre Chachere, SJSU, CB Austin Corbett, NEV, OL
26 Ben Weaver, BSU, LB
27 Kendall Keys, UNLV, WR Kendall Keys, UNLV, WR
28 Timothy McVey, AFA, RB Austin Corbett, NEV, OL
29 Tanner Gentry, WYO, WR Devin Centers, USU, FS Devin Centers, USU, FS
30 Roland Ladipo, AFA, CB Austin Corbett, NEV, OL Salesa Faraimo, DT, NEV
31 Will Kreitler, C, UNLV
33 Kevin Davis Jr., CSU, LB Kenny Potter, SJSU, QB Izzy Matthews, CSU, RB Gabe Perez, DE, Boise State Jermaine Kelly, SJSU, LB
34 Jalen Davis, USU, DB

Jerico Richardson, NEV, WR

Gabe Perez, DE, Boise State
35 Reno Henderson, UNM, OL Jalen Davis, USU, DB Dalyn Dawkins, CSU, RB
36 Jarred Gipson, Nev, TE Dalyn Dawkins, CSU, RB
37 Jerico Richardson, NEV, WR Izzy Matthews, RB, CSU Jamire Jordan, WR,FSU Jalen Davis, USU, DB Jerico Richardson, NEV, WR
38 Mike Hughes, UNLV, LB Gabe Perez, BSU, DL Jermaine Kelly, SJSU, LB Mike Hughes, UNLV, LB
39 Jermaine Kelly, SJSU, DB Dylan Sumner-Gardner, BSU, S Asauni Rufus, Nev, SS Dalyn Dawkins, CSU, RB
40 Jamire Jordan, FSU, WR Jamire Jordan, WR, FSU Jarred Gipson, Nev, TE Izzy Matthews, RB CSU Austin Corbett, NEV, OL
41 Dalyn Dawkins, CSU, RB Tyler Rausa, K, Boise St Arthur Flores, SDSU, OL Travis Averill, Boise St, OG Ben Weaver, BSU, LB Reno Henderson, UNM, OL
42 Ben Weaver, BSU, LB Tanner Gentry, WYO, WR Tanner Gentry, WYO, WR Tanner Gentry, WYO, WR
43 Tanner Gentry, WYO, WR Johnny Stanton, UNLV, QB Jarred Gipson, NEV, TE Malik Smith, SDSU, FS Tanner Gentry, WYO, WR Dylan Sumner-Gardner, BSU, DB
44 Jalen Davis, USU, DB Malik Smith, SDSU, FS Asauni Rufus, NEV, DB Ben Weaver, BSU, LB Dylan Sumner-Gardner, BSU, S Travis Averill, G, Boise St Christian Chapman, SDSU, QB Jerico Richardson, NEV, WR Malik Smith, SDSU, FS
45 Jerico Richardson, NEV, WR DJ Dunn, AFA, LB Mike Hughes, DT, UNLV Josh Lovingood, CSU, DT Kevin Davis Jr., CSU, LB
46 Dalyn Dawkins, CSU, RB Dylan Sumner-Gardner, BSU, DB
Ben Weaver, BSU, LB Kevin Davis Jr., CSU, LB
47 Kenny Potter, SJSU, QB DJ Dunn, LB, AFA Gabe Perez, BSU, DE DJ Dunn, LB, AFA Jerico Richardson, NEV, WR Malik Smith, SDSU, DB
48  Kevin Davis Jr., CSU, LB Marcus Kemp, UH, WR Kwayde Miller, T, SDSU Malik Smith, SDSU, FS Dalyn Dawkins, CSU, RB
49 Malik Smith, DB, SDSU Jalen Davis, USU, DB Austin Corbett, NEV, OL Jesse Washington, AFA, DB Marcus Kemp, UH, WR Josh Lovingood, CSU, DT
50 DJ May, WYO, LB Michael Carrizosa, P, SJSU Dalyn Dawkins, CSU, RB