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Time for a not so-beloved editor to say Au Revoir

One editor says goodbye in not so heartbreaking fashion...

Boise State spring game Photo by Loren Orr/Getty Images

Seven years ago, I embarked on a dangerous that would shape how I viewed the world, my writing and pretty much everything else. I was a senior in college and a full year earlier I had discovered One Bronco Nation Under God (or OBNUG for short). The site was funny, elegant and had a whole slew of fellow commenters to get into arguments with.

But then something happened, OBNUG moved over to this giant network called SB Nation, and it was here where I discovered there were literally HUNDREDS of blogs dedicated to teams of many different sports. There were rumors at that time of Boise State wanting to get into the Mountain West, so I clicked on all blogs and VOILA, there was this site called Mountain West Connection run by this dude named Jeremy with a horribly cheesy logo:

There were a couple other guys who helped out too and probably none of you will remember the names rebelfan1 and Ben Findley, but here it was: a Ute, a Horned Frog and a Rebel were all banding together to put this giant conference blog together. So I started fan-posting...I think my original articles were doing FULL RESEARCHED UNIFORM HISTORIES. I decided to get bold then, I asked Jeremy if I could join the podcast that he pretty much ran himself.

Six, SIX years later, multiple podcasts and somewhere north of 300 articles (yeah, that’s gone severely down over the past year) and it’s time for me to say Au Revoir. I’ve had great memories, making fun of the lack of television contracts, going to conference games and tournaments, getting into arguments with commenters and getting into more arguments with staff. It’s ultimately helped define me as a person and as a character.

You all know me as a super-Boise State and UNLV sympathizer, and I am, but I’ve always wanted what’s best for the conference as a whole. And whether I keep only two MWC alumni titles under my belt or I add a third in the near future (yes, Aztec fans that possibly will be from SDSU, so shut up), I’ll always try my best to support the conference in whatever way I can...most likely throwing money at tickets or arguing as a commenter on this site.

I’ll be writing MWC material elsewhere in the near future, and you can look on Twitter for that. You might hear me in a podcast...actually you’ll always hear me in a podcast, the theme songs are gifts that keep on giving! I Platonic love all of you: Jeremy, Matt, Eli, Brandon, Daniel, Duane, Ben, Parker, the rest of the staff and you, the commenters. I hope to see you all in the near future, but if you really need to find me...either go to McMullan’s in Las Vegas or O’Sullivan’s in Carlsbad, I’ll be in either one of those places at some point and time.