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Big 12 reportedly trims list; Mountain West teams miss the cut

The Big 12 chugs along with reviewing teams and cuts the list about expansion.

Oklahoma v Oklahoma State

The Big 12 has corresponded with the 20-plus teams that were wanting to be included if the Power Five conference expands. That list is now down fewer than 10 teams but the list is reportedly not including any Mountain West teams.

Mark Blaudschun of TMG College Sports ($) — he has covered college football for over 30 years and most recently at the Boston Globe — says the list includes American schools in Cincinnati, Houston, Connecticut, Memphis, Central Florida, South Florida plus a pair of unnamed AAC schools and then BYU.

Other American schools that have been mentioned in the past include East Carolina, SMU, Temple, and Tulane. So, it would make sense that is one of these schools as two other options.

Looks like East Carolina is out of the running:

As for what pertains to the Mountain West, Colorado State does not make the cut and at one point were considered a front-runner, but that was based off of the Big 12 starting a traditional TV network. With that seemingly not likely to happen it made the addition of the Rams not a great option.

Other Mountain West schools that were involved were San Diego State, UNLV, Air Force, New Mexico and Boise State; however, this is the Big 12 we are talking about and things seem to change very quickly on what they may do.