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Hawaii vs. Cal halftime update: Warriors allow 17 points late in half, trail 34-14

Here are the highlights of the first half of Cal vs. Hawaii.

The first half of the first college football game is in the books, and it is a wild game so far between Cal and Hawaii. The Bears pulled away by scoring the final 20 points of the first half to lead 34-14.

Special teams, tackling and over throwing passes have been issues for Hawaii in the first half. At least they get the ball to start the second half.

It started off with Hawaii attempting some trickery with an onside kick that failed.

Special teams was an issue for Hawaii the entire first half as they also allowed Cal to return a kickoff to midfield, but luckily that snafu only led to a field goal.

Cal got on the board first on this touchdown reception.

A few possessions later it was Hawaii who scored in the air with Marcus Kemp showing off his moves to make it 7-7.

Naturally, Cal counters with an amazing leaping touchdown catch by Chad Hansen.

Hawaii running back Diocemy Saint Juste made his triumphant return after missing all of last year with this Barry Sanders-esque 53-yard touchdown run that tied the game at 14.

That was all in the first quarter and that doesn’t even mention the field goal that Cal had to take a 17-14 lead.

The second quarter was mostly silent then Cal kicked a field goal, Hawaii then fumbled the ensuing kickoff and then one player later the Golden Bears scored a touchdown to go up 27-14 as Hansen scored his second TD of the game.

Cal adds insult to injury on this Davis Webb rushing touchdown.