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Utah State sends letter about joining the Big 12, well sort of

Get the Mountain West news you may have missed.

Famous Idaho Potato Bowl - Akron v Utah State Photo by Loren Orr/Getty Images

Get the Mountain West news you may have missed.

Utah State send letter to Big 12 about admission. (yes, this is satire)

Here is some real Aggies news.


Why is Hawaii playing Cal in Australia?

A few reasons are money and exposure for both schools, but also to reintroduce American football Australia who has not hosted a college football game since 1989.

Nevada has a new offense, somewhat:

“I’m excited about it,” offensive coordinator Tim Cramseysaid after Monday’s practice. “We have most of the offense in right now. We’re over 90 percent and the percent that’s not in is very minimal stuff. I'm excited about the personnel. In fall camp you’re never at full strength but we’re starting to get back to full strength and starting to gel. I’m excited to get rolling and stop going against our defense and prepare for somebody else.”

Colorado State announced its complete basketball schedule, here is their OOC game:

Wyoming fall practice 21: