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PODCAST: Previewing Hawaii vs. Cal with locals in Australia

Jeremy and Matt preview the Hawaii and Cal game, and we chat with a pair on the ground in Sydney who are very excited for this game.

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Loren Orr/Getty Images

Football is back! It is just one game as Cal takes on Hawaii at ANZ Stadium in the Sydney Cup in Australia. We preview the game and give some predictions on who will win; it is obvious who will win.

We are joined by Melani Dinjaski of Fox Sports Australia where she covers American sports to get her take on the game and the fan base. We also chat with Julian Keith who is the Media and Communications Coordinator at ANZ Stadium.

Both have a great passion for football and they gave great insight to the culture and fanbase there in Australia.

We also spend the last part of the show going over the rest of our Mountain West top 10 player rankings from our top 50.

Rejoice, football is here!

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