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UNLV Rebels Football Fall Camp: Monday Media Tour for Tony Sanchez

Tony Sanchez traveled to different media outlets Monday inspiring the various audiences to #LightTheFuse.

NCAA Football: Hawaii at UNLV Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports


Sunday consisted of the 11th and 12th practices for UNLV’s fall camp. The Rebels’ first practice lasted about two hours in no pads. After lunch the team held meetings on campus and then proceeded to have another two hour practice this time in half-pads.

The quarterback competition between Johnny Stanton and Kurt Palandech has not been decided yet but head coach Tony Sanchez and his staff gained valuable knowledge on Sunday about their two quarterbacks after getting to see them both two times in one day. No comments were made by the coaching staff on developments in the competition.

Defensive line coach Tony Samuel told the UNLV Football Twitter that the line was having a good day and was working on having energy and playing fast.

Coach Tony Sanchez spoke to about the linebacker position.

"We return all three starting linebackers," Sanchez said. "Tau is the most talented but Ryan is the most accountable. If Tau could show up and give us the constant effort, he'll be playing as a pro next year. This group is a big strength."

This year’s group of linebackers are the strength of the defense that will perform even better in 2016 with a more experienced defensive line in front of the them.


On Monday, Tony Sanchez was paraded around the various media outlets in Nevada to speak about his program and the upcoming season. The places Sanchez visited were News 3 Las Vegas, 8 News Now, 96.3 KKLZ, 102.7 The Coyote, Star 107.9, and FOX5 Las Vegas. Of course Hey Reb tagged along.

One thing the really caught my attention from the FOX5 interview was what Sanchez said when asked about the message ‘Light the Fuse’.

“This city is full of vibrant and energy. That’s what we’re known for. We want to be a reflection of that. We want to be another one of those entertainment values that adds to the city and shows that toughness that we’re all about,” said Sanchez.

This should really assure any UNLV supporter that Tony Sanchez is in this for the long haul and is dedicated to improving the program as much as he can.

On a side note, if you were wondering what the players were doing on there day off then here you go.

A fantastic hype video for the upcoming season was released today as well. Hang in there Rebels’ fans, we’re only 16 days away from football!