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Air Force has new helmets that feature shark teeth

The Falcons always do a great job in alternate uniforms.

The Air Force Falcons are known for having different helmet and uniform and helmet styles and they are at it again with a great new edition to their wardrobe.

The Falcons have used a variety of different designs but this new set just might challenge the Thunderbird style uniforms the Falcons previously wore.

The Falcons are donning these new uniforms as they go up against Georgia State on on Sept. 10. They are amazing.

Here is a better look at the Zoomies helmets and where the inspiration comes from. The Air Force Academy is known as the Falcons with its mascot but this helmet is in reference to the fighter planes which are pictured below.

Air Force football
Air Force alternate helmets

Teams sometimes go way overboard with helmet and uniform designs, but Air Force did a great job with this latest edition. We can only hope they will wear this more than one time this season.

Your move, college football.