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UNLV Football Fall Practice: Quarterback Competition Still too Close to Call

The quarterback battle between Johnny Stanton and Kurt Palandech is going to take a little more time to decide after UNLV’s tenth practice.

NCAA Football: UNLV at Wyoming Troy Babbitt-USA TODAY Sports

First Public Scrimmage

Saturday was UNLV’s first scrimmage open to the public. Both Kurt Palandech and Johnny Stanton played well, making the QB competition to close to call after the tenth practice. The scrimmage was equivalent to a full game, consisting of 82 plays. About 80 fans were in attendance.

Kurt Palandech started the scrimmage and lead one touchdown drive which concluded with a short TD pass to Brandon Presley. Stanton also lead one touchdown drive that concluded with a 30 yard touchdown run from Stanton.

Coach Tony Sanchez told the Las Vegas Review-Journal about what he saw during the scrimmage.

"Kurt came out and played real well early, then slowed down a bit. Johnny started slow and played well later, then they both did some good things at the end. After we watch the film, I’m sure I’ll feel one way or another, but after just watching those guys, Kurt did some really good things. He throws some really good balls and makes good plays with his feet, but then you see Johnny do the same thing," said Sanchez.

Sanchez told the Review-Journal that after 10 practices neither quarterback has separated himself enough to be named the starter.

"It’s going to come down to decision making," he said. "We’ve got to go in and evaluate who’s making better consistent decisions. . . . Right now, where we’re at, we’ve got another good week in us, if not longer."

Kurt Palandech spoke to the Review-Journal about the competition.

"If you don’t, you shouldn’t be on this field," Palandech said. "I think everyone on this field should have the attitude that they want to start. It makes the whole team better."

Johnny Stanton also spoke to the Review-Journal about the quarterback battle being a friendly one.

"I’ve been telling everybody this is the best quarterback room I’ve been in, probably ever. Every single quarterback gets along real well. Kurt and I are able to joke around on the field. It’s the first time I’ve had that experience, especially with the guy I’m competing with," said Stanton.