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Colorado State Camp Update: QB Battle Still Undecided

After the first scrimmage, there is still no clear leader between the three QBs

Colorado v Colorado State Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

The Colorado State Rams had their first scrimmage this past Thursday and coach Mike Bobo is still no closer to naming a starting quarterback than he was before fall camp started.

All three quarterbacks are still in the mix. Nick Stevens and Faton Bauta are seen as game managers who will lead the team an average season. They think too much.

They aren’t letting their abilities show out because they are too afraid to make a mistake. The third option is Collin Hill, who might not be thinking enough. He isn’t afraid to stand in the pocket and make the throws. Those throws can either be gorgeous, on-target passes or they can be the type of pass that makes fans wonder what the heck are you throwing at.

Both Stevens and Bauta consider Hill to be legitimate contender to be the starting QB. All three quarterbacks being something different to the table including mobility, leadership, and fundamental stability.

Each QB has the potential to start and unless one steps up quickly, this battle might last until the last possible second.

Faton Bauta on the ongoing competition:

"Competition is competition. I’m not going to compare the two (CSU to Georgia) because I personally think the talent level is not that much of a difference. … I haven’t really thought about it like ‘I’m at an advantage because I came from the SEC.’ The truth is, I wasn’t really successful over there, so I haven’t really played a lot of football since high school. And not to say that’s an excuse, but that’s just reality."

Nick Stevens on the ongoing competition and the progress he has made since last year:

"I think so (this race is tighter than last year). There are three legitimate contenders this year. I think we each bring different things to the table. … We all have a pretty similar grasp on the playbook. Last year, I feel like I was ahead in that and this year I feel like we’re all pretty even."

Coach Bobo gives his thoughts on the scrimmage and QB Battle: