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Colorado State Running Backs: Who Carries The Load?

Will the carries be split like Bobo intended the first part of the year or will a feature back emerge like at the end of last year with Izzy Matthews?

Will Izzy Matthews continue as the feature back or will the three-headed monster rear its ugly head again?
Will Izzy Matthews continue as the feature back or will the three-headed monster rear its ugly head again?
Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

The heart of the Colorado State Rams offense for the last six weeks of the 2015 season saw the three headed monster that started the season dwindle to one with a few appearances for the other two. Izzy Matthews emerged from the shadows of Dalyn Dawkins and Jason Oden, Jr. to become the featured back for the Rams. Matthews was a hard-nosed runner who was able wear defenses down and allowed the offense to open up a little bit.

Gone is Oden and in come two backs who should contribute in the near future, if not immediately. Both Rashaad Boddie and Marvin Kinsey have a chance to contribute. Boddie might move to fullback but that remains to be seen. Expect a three headed monster once again consisting of Dawkins, Matthews, and either Jonathan Lewis, Bryce Peters, Kinsey, or Boddie. Bryce Peters is the underdog in this situation. He came in under the McElwain regime and has yet to prove himself; this year might be his last chance.

Fullback should be decided in fall camp. The spring depth chart listed Adam Prentice and Nate Ryken as the two at that position. Colorado State could see those two stick it out, or they could add some competition to the game come fall camp.

The spring game featured about even carries between Dawkins and Lewis, but Dawkins was able to out gain Lewis by about 60 yards (Matthews was in for a few plays, but was mainly held out for injury precautions, likewise Bryce Peters was held out for injury). They both had long gains and seemed to be able to find the holes when the appeared. They both also had the ability to bounce to the outside when needed.

Two of the three headed monster is decided with Dawkins and Matthews, fall camp will decide who the third head becomes. Maybe coach Bobo decides to go with a four headed monster, who knows. Rams fans have to wait to fall camp to see.